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With one of my favorite guys, David Archuleta at the #IdolFinale after party! So great seeing him. We were reminiscing the last time we were at this lounge, which was an American Idol season finale after party 6 years ago on Simon Cowells last night! David and I spent a couple hours together at that party. I took all of his photos for him and emailed them to him, we had such a fun time! I remember he said back then to be careful what I posted about it because even the girls at his school were getting hate mail just for knowing him. Lol. I was recently in a meeting with the American Idol producers, and they said they wanted to get David here for the finale, but they didn't have any current contact info for him. So I texted his brother and he helped me set it up! So glad it all worked out. I was talking to David about what he is doing now and he said he is recording a new album then he will be going on tour. I can't wait. He is one of the most talented and most genuine guys I have ever known. I remember 4 years ago when I was on Good Morning America, the producer that flew out to meet me said that they didn't know how to contact me so they tried contacting David for my info, but he was on his mission. They said they finally tracked me down when they called Miley Cyrus and she told them that I lived down the street from her. Good times :)